Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Very tired but.........very HAPPY!!

Crystal and I headed out today to our new favorite little local town and we stumbled upon a new favorite place to eat. We love sushi (Not raw folks......misconception. I'm not eating anything raw unless it is fruit or vegetable) and we found the greatest little treasure. 'Lucky China and Sushi Bar'! We sat at the Sushi Bar and watched them make our sushi rolls FRESH!! I have eat Sushi at several places but none has ever been able to compare to this. I could not eat without MMMM'n the whole time! OH MY GOSH!! I am droolin' right now just thinkin' about it. Our little Sushi Chef had the biggest grin on his face. They will be seeing alot of Crystal and I. They have a buffet also and take-out as well. I am so EXCITED. This beats fast-food anyday and it is cheaper and alot healthier too.

After we ate we hit our 4 favorite stores: CVS, Walgreens, Publix (BOGO) and Winn-Dixie (BOGO)!

I came home with: CVS: $95.21 worth of merchandise my OOP $21.57 and $25.98 ECB's!!!!!
Walgreens: $48.63 worth of merchandise my OOP $19.34
Publix: $100.21 worth of FOOD my OOP $49.46
Winn Dixie: $229.77 worth of FOOD my OOP $145.01
My Total Bought: $473.82 My Total OOP: $235.38

Since I started shopping at CVS and Walgreens I don't have to buy anything at the grocery stores but FOOD! All edible. HALLELUJAH!!! I walk past those aisles with a HUGE smile on my face. I don't have to shop Wal-Mart anymore unless there is something that I just really can't find anywhere else and I know they have it or if I'm in the neighborhood and want to drop in.



Jamie said...

Okay, so how often do you go grocery shopping?

Vickie said...

I go shopping for groceries when ever the BOGO's have things that we can use and we have the money. Usually once or twice a month unless there is something they have and I have some really good coupons then I may hit them every week. The best is to match the BOGO with manufacturer coupons! CAN'T beat it!!!

Nikki said...

I was going to ask the same thing.