Saturday, August 9, 2008

CVS Frustrations!

I LOVE CVS and I Praise Jesus for the opportunity I have been given thru CVS to save mega bucks for my family. I am able to use products that I was never able to afford to use before and I am always giving products away. I just get a little frustrated with the fact that every store, every manager, every clerk has their own way of doing things. They all have coupons they will or will not except, whether they beep or not. There are some that will bend over backwards and jump hurdles to push coupons thru and there are some that will not bend an inch. They all work for the same company....CVS. My mind is in over-drive with figuring scenarios, pulling coupons and figuring out how to get the most bang for the buck before I hit the register. Try to hit the register when there is no line and hopefully no other customers in the store so I don't wind up holding the line up and frustrating those who don't take advantage of the Extra Bucks Program and also try to learn the cashiers as to what coupons they will take and in what order. I have a new CVS just about 1.5 miles from my house and it depends on whose on duty as to how long I shop. My favorite store is about 7 miles frommy home and as long as that manager stays there they will continue to get the majority of my business. I even take them home-made goodies to show my appreciation for all their help.

THANKS Guys, if you are reading this you will know who you are!!

I took the pictures from Crystal's blog. (THANKS CRYSTAL!!) :) I am in great NEED of a new camera.


~Crystal~ said...

Haha...I need to get a picture of you when you are in scenarios/frustration mode!

I agree though, you never know who's going to be a great help & who's not. What's going to work & what's not. In some cases, the people behind the register helps those they like & if you get on their good side. I love my fav store. :)

Nicole said...

i was actually going to post about this same thing tomorrow. i had a really rough time this weekend at my FAVORITE store. He said things were changing and I would not be able to shop the way I had been in the past. He was extremely nice about it all. He said "they" were buckeling down on them. I have to rework my whole program!

Shionge said...

I can understand your frustration Vickie....sometimes just be flexible afterall we are regular shoppers isn't it?

Have fun as usual and I wish that you'll get a camera from your love ones soon hehehh....

Staci said...

I just wanted to drop a comment to let you know that I am reading! I had to find your link, my blog still has the old link attached. I need to fix that!

Heart 4 My Home said...

I understand your frustrations. I too have had the same issue.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the great onion tip.