Monday, August 25, 2008


Sitting here tonight, surfing the web, I came across my most favorite toy as a child: my Betsy Wetsy doll. I think I got her for Christmas in 1956. I had just turned 5 in September.
My baby had black curly hair that was so soft. I can still remember the feel of it. My Mamaw (my Mother's Mom) made me and my baby matching red velvet coats and my baby a hat. She used this same exact pattern to make the coat and hat for my doll and mine was exactly like it as well. She made my doll a whole new wardrobe that Santa delivered when he delivered my baby. I don't know what happened to my doll. She probably got loved to death. I can remember when my second baby sister was born in 1958, the first time I saw her, I thought she looked just like my Betsy Wetsy doll. I wish I still had my baby doll. I would make her some new clothes. I also found a web-site that has one still in the box in mint condition and she is on sale for over $800.00.


~Crystal~ said...

Awe...We need to buy you one!

Shionge said...

This is so cool and imagine fetching a huge amount of money if you are still having them Vickie :D