Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Shopping!

My pillows from Olde Time Pottery.
Towel and Tea-pot from Tuesday Morning.
Here we are standing in line in front of Belk around 4:45am.
My BEAUTIFUL towels!

Yesterday, Black Friday, Crystal and I left the house at 3am in order to be at Kohl's when they opened their doors at 4am.. We got some really great bargains there. Can't post pictures of those because they are gifts. From there we went up the highway to meet my sister, Diane and her daughter, Laurie at Belk to be one of the first customers in the door to get a gift card ranging from $5 to $5000. We all got a $5 gift card so we all scoured the store for the best bargains. I headed for the linen department to see if there were any clearances on towels or sheets. I found a table with some beautiful towels that were regular $25.00 each marked on red dot for $5.99. I got two of them and after my $5.oo gift card they cost me $8.06. That is $50.00 worth of luxurious LENOX towels for $8.06. These are MINE!! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!

Laurie had to go get her little hubby and do some shopping with him so Diane went with Crystal and I so we decided to stop at McDonald's for a well needed breakfast and then on to Target. We got there just minutes before they opened their doors at 6am and there were people lined up around the side of the building and back to the front. I LOVE IT!! So much fun. We made a mad dash for some items for my other sister, Renee, who was at another Target on the other side of town, but then after we got them in hand we called her only to find out that she also got them. :(
OH well, I recon I needed the exercise. Crystal and I lost Diane in the mad rush and we found out that she was over in the stationary reading Christmas cards. LOL

From there we went across the street to Michaels and then onto The Avenue. We all had a Avenue coupon to receive two sweaters at $5.00 each. They were regular $19.99. Great buy. We all found us two each.

We then headed across town to meet back up with Laurie and hit Wal-Mart. CRAZINESS!! Thankfully we didn't have the tragedy that they did in New York at that Wal-Mart. That was so sad. People just get crazy.

Diane and Laurie took off to Big Lots and I took Crystal to the Mall so she could go into Macy's to use a $10 off $25 coupon. I could not find a parking place so I just let her out and I cruised the parking lot till she came out. I don't miss shopping at those BIG malls.

Next we were off to meet back up with Diane, Laurie and also Renee with three of her four girls, Jamie, Amber, Donna and another friend/relative Jessie at Hobby Lobby. The only thing I bought there was a big roll of wrapping paper at 50% off. From there Renee and her crew went to the Mall and the rest of us decided to go eat some lunch at a Chinese buffet. So good. After we ate we walked next door to Tuesday Morning and we all had 50% off a clearance item coupons so I scoured the clearance racks and found another great big thick towel, regular $19.99 on clearance for $6.99 and with the 50% off I paid $3.50 for it. Then Crystal found the cutest Teapot for me which was regular $24.99 clearanced for $6.99 and I paid $3.50 for it as well. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.

Our last stop together was to Olde Time Pottery where I found me two throw pillows for my sofa for $1.99 each. Crystal and I left Diane and Laurie after that and we were all exhausted. On the way home I had to make one more stop at my FAVORITE store CVS to pick up a prescription and a $25.00 gift card for a prescription transfer.

Finally made it home around 3:00 pm or so, took a shower and crashed the sofa.

It was a GREAT day!


Nanci said...

Whoa, Vickie, I'm exhausted just reading about the day you put in, but you made out like a bandit.

BTW, Megan was very pleased by your comment that you had been to CVS on Thanksgiving morning. I think she felt that gave her extra support with someone on HER SIDE. LOL

Glad to see you were able to get such a deal on a new camera. Guess we'll be hearing more from you ;-)

Mel said...

I'm so glad Black Friday only comes once a year!!! What time did you end up getting home?