Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alterations and Coupons!

I am staying pretty busy right now with doing alterations and I am really enjoying have that little bit of extra cash. A little bit goes a long way when you are a frugal shopper. I just wish I had opened my eyes to using coupons like I do now, years ago. I LOVE it! I get great satisfaction knowing that I can bring home the groceries and other things we need and want for what little I pay for them. Stretching the old dollar is very important these days with the economy in the shape it is in and not knowing what is around the corner.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I went to Publix last night and spent $38.91 and saved $58.21!!! Jimbo and I budget $100 weekly for groceries, so between CVS (I spent $2.00 and saved $38), Target, and Publix, I spent $50.65! I am UNDERbudget at $49.35! YEEHAW.

Vickie said...

YOU GO NA-NA!! Now you can spent the rest on stock-pile items!!

Anonymous said...

Laurie and I went to Publix Saturday and spent $58 dollars but saved $55 in coupons. We were so pumped because of our savings. We waltzed into Walgreens Sunday to find even more deals and savings to boot! Laurie now has a binder of coupons that we prop in the buggy seat. A lady complimented her Saturday on her layout! Keep the bargains coming! dd