Monday, June 16, 2008

Strange food cravings!!

What is the strangest food combination you have ever eat and may still eat it? Mine is bananas wrapped with bologna......YUMMO!!! My Daddy started us to eat that when we were kids and I still like it. I actually thought that everybody ate it.


~Crystal~ said...

I don't think I eat any weird food combinations, unless you count Bread & butter pickles with popcorn one of them. I think D eats enough weird food combos for all of us!

Shionge said...

Don't think I have Vickie but I find yours interesting heheheh.... :D

Jamie said...

I don't know... I like to eat popcorn with peanut M & M's. I started Crystal on it. But that's not weird, I don't think. It's salty and sweet.