Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In a Delima!

I am still searching for some new glasses. Money is tight and I am having to be very very frugal in my shopping for my new glasses. Normally I would have gone right next door to my eye doctor and have already picked my frames out before I had my eye exam. They always dilate my eys so it makes it almost impossible to choose frames afterwards. This time I knew we were in a money crunch so I held off and am trying to find them on-line and save some major money.

I am still looking at to find my frames. They have a wide selection. Here are a few more that I have found that I think are cute. One pair even looks like a pair that Crystal would wear.

I think I like the top pair but the pink ones keep drawing me in. Give me your opinion!


Nicole said...

bottom ones are my favorite

~Crystal~ said...

I may have to go look at their frames, since I hate my current glasses.