Sunday, September 7, 2008


I posted about my excitement over the fact that McCain chose Palin for his VP running mate. I received a pretty mean anonymous comment from someone which I deleted from the post but I decided to post it here for all my blogger buddies to see it and make a comment, if you would like, about the subject or the comment itself. So here it is:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "McCain & Palin!":

gotta love the ignorant people such as yourself who don't think that the Republican idiot we had in office hasn't wasted money on this war he created. Oh but that's right, the Republicans only worry about themselves and the rich in this country. As far as they're concerned middle class and poor people don't exist. You are all excited for the GOP putting a woman on the ticket but yet you are willing to vote for a party that is willing to take away many of your rights as a woman. Be careful what you wish for it might bit you in the end.

Posted by Anonymous to Cherries Jubilee at September 6, 2008 10:47 AM


Shionge said...

Hey sorry you are receiving this, your opinion, your choice, your vote so in a nutshell, anonymous or others should respect each and everyone's opinion & thoughts.

Hugs Vickie :D

Nicole said...

well if anonymous is saying that its a woman's right to abort a baby then i could go all day about that one.

anonymous doesn't even deserve my 2 cents!

Nanci said...

I do not agree with the allegations made by this commenter, but I would like to address the manner in which the comment was made. Isn't it interesting that when a person leaves a kind comment, she is willing to identify herself; but, when she is being unkind or name-calling, she hides behind her anonymity? Even disagreeing with someone can be done in a courteous manner. Everyone is entitled to her opinion, but let her have the courage to attach her name to that opinion.

There is a setting on Blogger that disallows "anonymous comments" and I use it for the very observation that I state here.

~Crystal~ said...

I totally agree with Nanci.
I personally think you can believe whatever you want to & express your opinion. But it seems pretty "ignorant" too me to start acting like a 2nd grader with the name calling.