Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am the Queen of FRUGAL!!

I had my eyes checked several months ago and I am still carrying around the prescription for some well needed new glasses but I just haven't had the money. I know several people who have bought glasses from Zenni Optical and they are very impressed with the quality of their workmanship and the low prices. Go look at their selection of eyeglasses. They start as low as $8.00. Talk about saving money! That would save me several hundred dollars. I am seriously going to order me a pair as soon as the holidays are over if not before. At that prices I will probably get a couple pair, maybe a set of sunglasses, which I need because of cataracts. I LOVE this pair that I posted above. They come in Silver, Gray and Purple! LOVE the Purple!!

Zenni Optical has even been mentioned in this book titled, "Living Rich By Spending Smart"!
My family and I are cutting corners every way we can. I never shop without coupons and even then the item has to be on sale first. I stock pile when I can get great bargains even on things that I don't need at the moment. It has really paid off. Buying my eye glasses thru Zenni will be just another way that I can save my family alot of money.