Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had plans today to go out to eat lunch with some friends to celebrate a birthday and then come home to put up my Christmas decorations. Yesterday I got up feeling bad and as the day wore on it got worse. By bedtime I was running a fever. My normal temp is around 97.0 to 97.6 but it was bumping 100 last night. I told Danny that with a fever I was contagious and I opted to sleep in the spare room, aka Mercy's room. I had researched the symptoms of the flu and I had them all. In order to go to sleep I had to take a xanax, 2 Excedrin PM and one of those Night-time Theraflu things that melt on your tongue. I went to sleep around 11:00pm, woke up around 3am and took 2 more Excedrin PM, surfed the web awhile then went back to bed. I slept till around 9am. My throat is really sore. Water taste like medicine and I am a major water drinker. Coke is all I want.
I did accomplish getting all the wash done up, folded and put away.

Maybe the tree and all will get up tomorrow.


~Crystal~ said...

I don't think you have ever waited this long to put up the tree! Well, except that year you were depressed since I was in California.

Nanci said...

Oh! Vickie,

I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. It's about the time of year that stuff starts to make its rounds. Rest up and get over this real quick.

God bless,


Staci said...

I hope you are feeling better by now! Our tree is up and decorated, but its 9 feet tall, so it really needs MORE than what is on there. The decor was for a 6 foot tree, so we have 3 feet of bare tree... I want to buy some of those BIG ornaments for moms tree, but she is happy with it how it is. So we will leave it be!!!! Are you doing the mouse tree again?