Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting the New Year off RIGHT!!

Crystal and I went to JCPenny today for me to return a Quilt/Bedspread that I had bought the day after Christmas because I found it online for about half the price even after shipping and taxes. While there Crystal got a call from one of our favorite tipsters, Jamie, with a HOT 90% off all Christmas Items sale at Walgreen's so after stopping for some lunch we headed to Walgreens. This is what I came home with. I saved $30.00 plus on the bedspread so I spent it at Walgreens. This is $359.26 worth of merchandise for .............$36.22!!



Shionge said...

Unbelieveable Vickie, I know the sale is always tempting :)

esraa said...

Dear vicki

please see those videos

then help us to publish them

and please vest those blogs

thank you very much

Jamie said...

That IS your pan!! I was rumaging around trying to find one and came across yours!

So thank you, and I will make it for you!