Friday, January 9, 2009


The car that I use to own that I miss the most was my Buick LeSabre. She was gorgeous. Best riding and driving car ever. I found this great website that specializes in supercharging your cars. I would have Danny look into a buick supercharger. I love the way Buick rolls off the tongue. Sounds rich!!
They have supercharger kits for Mercedes, Pontiac and just about any make of car. I've been looking at their website and they have great prices and fantastic customer service. They carry New and Re-manufactured products. So if you're looking for a buick supercharger be sure and check them out!


~Crystal~ said...

Just curious why you didn't blog about Christmas? And what Danny made for you. I think your camera is going to WASTE!

Nanci said...

I'd love to see what Danny made you for Christmas. Come on ... you gotta show and tell.