Saturday, April 26, 2008


My Beloved Tahoe "Cherry Baby"!

1. Hand Sanitizer
2. Box of tissue
3. Quilt
4. Soft side cooler
5. Mercy's car-seat
My Bag!

1. Excedrin
2. Cosmetic Bag
3. Bible
4. Date Book
5. Bottle of Water
Kitchen Cabinet that my Dad built!

1. Dishes in the top section.
2. Cereal and Snack foods in the bottom.
3. Basket of vitamins and Meds on the counter
4. Collectibles on the very top
5. Cookbooks
Jewelry Boxes

1. Pieces of my Grandmothers jewelry
2. A candle wrapped in a note from my First Birthday Cake
3. All my earrings
4. Charm w/ Crystal's baby picture in it
5. Locket Danny bought me one year for Christmas
Shadow Box

1. Danny's baby picture and baby shoe
2. My baby picture and baby shoe
3. My Grandmother's ivory crochet hook
4. My Grandmother's rosery beads
5. The thermometer in it's case that my Mom used on with me, my sisters and my brother when we were kids.