Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy, Busy Busy!

Last week my sister and I left on Monday to go down to Auburn to do some major-minor decorating for her son, my nephew Chad, at his little place there in Auburn where he will be living for the next 5 years or so while in College. He is using a sectional sofa that she has had since she got married over 25 years ago. He is big into hunting and they decided to cover it (cushions only, exactly 13 of them) in a water repellent camo. My first thought was: WHAT!!!

We got down there sometime after lunch and after unloading the car we went shopping to buy all the materials and things we needed for the job. Our plans were to have it done and be headed home on Wednesday. By the time we got all that accomplished and stopped for a wonderful supper at my favorite, Cracker Barrel (Thanks Diane!) it was too late to get started on the upholstering.
The next day Diane helped me cut, I sewed them together, slipped them on, pinned the ends together and Diane and Chad shared in the final stitching. Diane had her fingers wrapped in duct-tape and her needle got crooked in the process of being pushed thru that fabric and it looked like she was sewing with a fishing hook. She also had a pair of pliers to help pull the needle thru.

By about 9pm we knew that we weren't gonna be finished in order to leave to come home Wednesday so we decided to stay till Thursday or as long as we needed too in order to get it finished.

By the end of our en devour we covered both porch chairs, the three piece sectional (all 13 cushions), and made curtains for 5 windows. I have to admit that it looked really good. It looks like a little hunting lodge which is perfect for Chad. I even think his sister, Laurie, is gonna like it. We did GOOD!!

Thursday evening I met up with a friend who has a daughter going to Alabama and brought me 9 huge cushions to recover for her sofa that she will be using while she is in college. I worked on those Friday and Saturday and they looked awesome as well. So I have a sofa at Auburn and one at Alabama.

Between all that sewing and making my much loved trips to CVS my house is in a great need of some love and care. That is what I'm focusing on this week as well as getting my coupons clipped and organized.


~Crystal~ said...

Haha....I wonder if Diane has that figured out yet? She never called me again for advice. :) I want to see what it all looks like!

Shionge said...

Thanks for the update and did you put that small little sewing kit in your bag?? :D

Can't wait to see your pictures, miss you much ;)

Anonymous said...

I will have you know Hooty that all I had to do was poke my memory card from my camera into my printer to store my photos in my laptop. No downloading a program on my computer. Of course, I had to ask Laurie show me what to do because no CD came with my camera for me to download. Said pictures have been emailed and should show up soon! dd

Gretchen said...

Luv it! It looks so neat

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J said...

That looks really cute!