Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outdoors Man

My son-in-law, Daniel went camping out last night with some of his buddies from work. I haven't talked to them today to see how he weather the cold last night. Actually I had no idea that camping was anything that Daniel was even remotely interested in. Come to find out.......he LOVES it.
Knowing this now gives me some possible ideas for Christmas. While surfing the web I came across this website called, Maxpedition Gear. I have been looking thru their web-site and they have got some really nice camping gear. I am a sucker for back-packs. I have several myself and one that I use as a purse sometimes.
Right now they are running a sale thru December 29, 2008 with FREE shipping on orders $75.00 and over. Maybe I need to look at maybe getting him one of their tents to start his collection with. I found several that I think he would like and they are big enough for more than one person to sleep in.
Since we live so close to the woods, he could camp out in it in his own front yard and even enjoy watching the deer, possum, armadillo and what ever else creeps out tat night that I'm not aware of.
Go to their web-site,Maxpedition Gear, and check them out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.